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GUSTI aims to provide a centralized ‘development engine’ for technology and knowledge to serve industry and academia in developing entrepreneurship, competencies, innovation and generate a kaleidoscope of world–class results.

The objectives are:

  1. Establish platforms for the management, operation and maintenance of competent technologies for all industry types.
  2. Promote all types of technologies to create a kaleidoscope of technology competence and effectiveness in physical, chemical, theoretical, virtual, conceptual and other technologies by integration, assimilation, or on a project basis along with Academia and Industry cooperation.
  3. Involving academia in industry and technology from the first year of engineering in order to ensure that competencies developed are industry–ready from day one.
  4. Promote entrepreneurship for all types of industries and to promote and nurture competence in these technologies together with academia and skill development.
  5. Apply technology directly and through innovation and undertake R&D in fundamental science with industries for innovation–driven requirements and provide solutions and services for any industrial challenge.
  6. Provide incubation infrastructure, common manufacturing facilities (tool room, large beds, etc), uncommon industrial resources that are not easily available, incubator space, business support services, clustering and networking opportunities, investment support for diverse start–ups to innovative and inventive companies across different sectors and stages.
  7. Facilitate in converting innovative start–up ideas into commercially viable products and in this regard to take on lease, rent or purchase developed or undeveloped facilities/premises or operate out of GUSTI’s facility with the required ancillary support infrastructure.
  8. To form new or joint ventures or join up with ventures with technology companies/service providers domestic and overseas, with or without equity participation for all kinds of industries and companies engaged in the fields of industrial engineering.
  9. Facilitate all kinds of support services including, but not limited to, obtaining of approvals, clearances and registrations under various statutory laws.


Our Growing Advisory Panel

  • Mr. M. Lakshminaraya

Managing Director, Harman International (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  • Professor Ashok Misr

Chairman, India of Intellectual Ventures

  • Dr. Jurgen Porst

Head of Dr. Porst International

  • Dr. Anupam Srivastav

Senior Business Adviser, SKP Business Consulting LLP.

  • Mr. Tosher G. Hormus

Co-founder & Advisor to the Board, GW Precision Tools (I) Pvt Ltd, Founder & Promoter - G.U.S.T.I.