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GUSTI will be a singular eco–friendly model implementation project where partner companies will have to comply with the highest standards to keep the carbon footprint as low as practically possible. These objectives are treated prominently as it is critical that a world–class facility must have a world–class environment.

The international standards to be followed will include, but not be limited to, common practices like...

  • Rain water harvesting,
  • Waste water recycling,
  • Global waste management,
  • Toxic material disposal,
  • Renewable energy,
  • Maximum recycling,
  • Green spaces, and
  • Carbon footprint management.

GUSTI is partnering with Dr. Jürgen Porst, Head of Dr. Porst International, who will head the entire green issues management. Dr. Porst International will consult and provide direction and expertise in this area to meet the highest standards of environment friendliness and for sustained green manufacturing.

GUSTI will seek eco–friendly participation for the entire project, including Government agencies and private companies, to ensure that all environmental standards and compliances are met or exceeded

Our Growing Advisory Panel

  • Mr. M. Lakshminaraya

Managing Director, Harman International (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  • Professor Ashok Misr

Chairman, India of Intellectual Ventures

  • Dr. Jurgen Porst

Head of Dr. Porst International

  • Dr. Anupam Srivastav

Senior Business Adviser, SKP Business Consulting LLP.

  • Mr. Tosher G. Hormus

Co-founder & Advisor to the Board, GW Precision Tools (I) Pvt Ltd, Founder & Promoter - G.U.S.T.I.