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Many developed countries have manufacturing infrastructure largely driven by SMEs in the kaleidoscope of niche and standard applications at world-class levels. Such a system allows innovation to a point where any product can be transformed from concept to working model prototype down to the smallest detail by simply utilising the infrastructure which pre-empts the requirement of a specific development engine. This goes up the value chain where even automobiles and aircraft are built without manufacturing facilities (mainly assembly of standard/custom-built, outsourced components). This is a dream in India where a majority of such components would have to be built in-house. Thereby, there is a crying need to have a technology engine with readily available competence to use this technology. No such comprehensive engine runs or exists in India today and this is the main opportunity for GUSTI and its stakeholders.

The opportunities that lie are before GUSTI today are:

  1. The greatest opportunity lies in bridging the gap between industry and academia. Too often it is seen that there is an enormous mismatch between available technology and the competence to use it effectively. Bridging such a gap by building an institutional relationship will help industry:
    1. Showcase best-in-class technology,
    2. Develop competence along with industry and academia (LEARN, TEACH),
    3. Deploy these into working modules (from prototype to (WORK, PERFORM) to commercial),
    4. Arriving at optimal solutions by directly applying technology, or by applied research, completing the cycle of SHOW, LEARN, TEACH, WORK, PERFORM, & DELIVER with win-win solutions for all.
  2. No single segment of industry can work in isolation. There is an unquestionable inter–dependence of technology in all verticals of engineering. GUSTI aims to enhance these endeavours through engagement, communication and participation. Such an approach will draw on the various strengths and skills of the involved stakeholders.
  3. Several manufacturing and infrastructure initiatives where the Government wants to be involved have had limited success as they were conceived with good intentions but with linear objectives. There is a great opportunity for GUSTI to enhance or revive these initiatives and implement them in the macro sense.
  4. It takes effective people and processes to turn the wheels of progress. In the last few decades, many high technology and capital goods have been brought in to India, which have not been used optimally. Inefficiency could be attributed to the technology itself or the competence to use it. GUSTI offers a unified platform where such technologies and machinery can be evaluated, tested and married to the right competence.
  5. There’s an opportunity for GUSTI to enable manufacturers, technology suppliers, corporate bodies and associations along with researchers to lead and accelerate the transformation of manufacturing. New abilities and competencies will enable us to design, build, distribute, and support new and improved products with speed and quality that was inconceivable in the past.
  6. GUSTI will offer opportunities for participating institutions to work on current technology and research and develop futuristic technologies on a global platform.

Our Growing Advisory Panel

  • Mr. M. Lakshminaraya

Managing Director, Harman International (India) Pvt. Ltd.

  • Professor Ashok Misr

Chairman, India of Intellectual Ventures

  • Dr. Jurgen Porst

Head of Dr. Porst International

  • Dr. Anupam Srivastav

Senior Business Adviser, SKP Business Consulting LLP.

  • Mr. Tosher G. Hormus

Co-founder & Advisor to the Board, GW Precision Tools (I) Pvt Ltd, Founder & Promoter - G.U.S.T.I.